Universal Studios's ghouls, goblins, and vaccine cards, OH MY!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Tis the season for spooky haunts, jumping ghouls, and slashing killers. For thrill-seekers and Halloween lovers, scary mazes are back at the amusement parks we love!

Last night my boyfriend, siblings, sister's boyfriend, and I went to the famous Universal Halloween Horror Nights.

We've all been looking forward to this event since it was canceled last year due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Even though it is back, it does look pretty different than years before.

Since it is in Los Angeles, the mask mandate is still in process, and yesterday Oct. 7, was the start of showing proof of covid-19 vaccine cards or evidence of a negative covid test from the last 72 hours.

We appreciate the precautions that Universal Studios is taking to keep its employees and guests safe.

Anyhow, this year, compared to the last time we went back in 2019, was a big success. The last time we went, we had lots of fun, but we made the mistake of going on a weekend without an express pass or a Frequent Fear Pass.

So we only got to go on two mazes!

But this year, due to our schedules being so different, we all landed ongoing on Thursday night. And PHEW! It is such a difference going during a weeknight compared to a weekend.

This year we went through every maze we wanted to see… Well, mostly, we did skip The Bride of Frankenstein. :(

Other than that, we started our scary adventure on the horror tram, which was themed as the forever purge this year. We also went through Halloween 4, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Haunting of Hill House.

Personally, I felt that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Maze was the scariest compared to the rest, which left my brother to re-think all of his life decisions for 20 minutes after we exited the maze.

Even though we went through more mazes this year, I did feel as scared as the rest of the mazes. They didn't seem as cinematic as they are, and there were a lot fewer scare actors.

I remembered the scare zones and mazes with more ghouls and monsters.

But I reminded myself that we just got out of a year-long pandemic lockdown, so the amount of help and participation they would usually get in other years wasn't going to be the same this year.

I'm just happy we got to participate in it this year, and I appreciate all of the hard work the current employees have put into making it possible.

Nevertheless, I still had a fantastic time with my loved ones, and it was a great way to kick off the beginning of October.

Here are the price ranges for Universal Halloween Horror Nights, "Don't go alone."

(Disclaimer: I am not a representative of the company, I don't speak for the company, I'm just going to write about my personal experience.)

General tickets are going between $84-$104

Universal Express tickets are between $259-$369

Universal Express Unlimited™ tickets are between $299 - $409

After 2 pm Day/Night tickets are between $119 - $142

Universal Express™ After 2 pm tickets are between $309 - $429

R.I.P. Tour tickets are between $379 - $469

Frequent Fear Passes

Frequent Fear Pass $199

Ultimate Fear Pass $329

Here's the link for more details and where to buy the tickets!



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