Giving up a dream

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This weekend I came to a heartbreaking conclusion that I no longer wanted to work at the Disneyland Resort. Ever since I was in high school, I would watch videos about people who worked, interned, or participated in the college program for the Walt Disney Company.

My dream and the overall end game was to work for the company turned so many dreams into reality. But after five months of working at the parks, I understand that it takes exceptional, extraordinary, and overall patient people to work here.

The cast members were definitely my favorite part of working for the company; this made my decision more difficult and definitely was why I lasted so long.

Working here made me learn a lot about myself and pushed me on the pursuit of doing what I enjoy the most, writing. I love that this company is all about storytelling and bringing it to life for children and adults. But I don't want to be the person to retell these stories; I want to be the one to write them.

Being an attraction host wouldn't help me personally reach this goal, even though it might be for others (again, this is from my perspective). I spent most of my time on the road to get to and from the parks, and when I did have time, I would use it specifically for homework.

I applaud all of the commuter dream makers because, damn, it's hard.

I also couldn't adjust to the forever-changing schedule that one has to endure at the parks. I am a person that appreciates set schedules because they are predictable and easy to plan around.

Another reason I decided to end working for the parks is the unpleasant guest interactions that felt like they were unavoidable during these times. I know there are unpleasant interactions everywhere you work (trust me, I've been working since 16), but I felt like rude guest words just get too personal.

People don't understand that we are just upholding the company's rules; we're not purposely trying to ruin your vacation. The overall goal that cast members try to achieve every day is safety, so the next time you visit a Disney park, keep that in mind and please be kind.

To be completely honest, I feel lost, and I need to find a new dream to reach for my future. But all I can do now is focus on my writing, future internships, and graduation in the spring. I will make sure to take you all on my journey of rediscovery.

Thank you for reading.

And for my Sunset family, I love you all!


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