The beginning of my college life :)

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Elizabeth Garcia, I am a 21-year-old first generation Mexican, American daughter. I am a Senior at California State University Fullerton, my major is Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.

I have made it very far in my schooling but it came with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears... Mostly tears lol. But I couldn't have done it with my greatest supporters, my family.

Growing up I wasn't motivated to attend higher education but my mom and dad pushed me in high school and had me join AVID. There I met the greatest teacher I've ever had and made a lot of friends on the same boat as me.

After all the applications to colleges we're sent, I was left dumbfounded that I was accepted to one that was located on the other side of the state. I was not prepared for the next step. I wasn't prepared with FAFSA and as a first gen., first born daughter I was not ready to leave home.

I was so sad that I had to skip out on a University and attend community college, and that was honestly the best decision of my life. After, I figured out how to apply for FAFSA on my own I got to discover what I actually wanted to study Communications after almost finishing my AA in Early Childhood Development.

I met amazing people that pushed me to be the best me, and now I finally got to attend a University.

On my blog, I will talk about my different experiences on how I got to the place I'm at now. And will continue on talking about my experiences and share advice on what I've learned through my journey.

I will have articles on how to apply for the dreaded FAFSA, college applications, signing up for classes and much much more. There will also be an advice column so don't hesitate to ask me any questions :) I am now you first generation older sister.

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