Cheap and spooky date ideas

The month of October is now coming to an end, we have one more week to experience spooky activities before the days turn shorter and the sound of jingle bells and the smell of tamales infect the season.

I will be listing my top 10 cheap and easy spooky date ideas. Feel free to mix these date ideas up to make them a little more romantic with your significant other or a little more friendly to spend with your friends or family!

I will list these date ideas from least expensive to most expensive, but I promise that the most costly ideas will barely make a dent in your pocket.

Spooky date #1 - Scary movies

One of my favorite spooky date ideas is to find new and classic scary movies! Having different streaming services makes it easy to discover frightfully fun new films, both popular and indie. But my favorite is to rediscover movies that made me jump years before.

Some of my favorite classic Halloween movies are The Haunting in Connecticut, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and of the Conjuring films, Friday the 13, Halloween, Scream, any of the Scary Movies (if you're feeling silly), Dracula, Frankenstein, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.…

A plus is to add yummy snacks to join your movie marathon! Dollar tree snacks just hit differently because they're not scary in the bank account. And you can try new snacks along with your traditional yums.

Spooky Date #2 - Baking spooky desserts

Making spooky desserts is fun, delicious, and it doesn't have to be expensive! My favorite thing to make is homemade rice Krispies, and you can cut them out and decorate them however your little heart desires. Caramel apples, chocolate-covered strawberries, and popcorn balls are other favorites of mine!

You can add the spooky parts when you decorate them; you can find fun things to decorate with at your local bakeries, any stores, or even Amazon.

I love to use Pinterest as inspiration for decorating; you can also find pictures of spooky Disney desserts and make them your own!

Spooky Date #3 - Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a traditional way to celebrate the holiday! And it is a fun way to let those creative juices flow. You can either carve or paint your pumpkins with your design or with inspiration from the internet.

Just make sure to get a hold of your pumpkins because trust me, it is hard to find good pumpkins on the day of Halloween. Once my boyfriend and I spent hours in search of pumpkins to carve on Halloween. We settled with carving pumpkins that Hispanic/Latina moms use to make dessert.

Spooky Date #4 - Decorating your haunted house

You can also prepare your own haunted house for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. You can create your decorations by painting on cardboard, adding spider webs, and creating your very own dummies with old clothes.

You have total control of how scary you want to make it, shesh you can even use yourself as a prop.

Spooky Date #5 - Thrift shop for your costume

One of my favorite things is to create my very own costume from clothes I find in Goodwill. This tradition started when I was in middle school, and we couldn't find what we wanted to be for Halloween at stores.

My parents would take us to our local Goodwill, and we would go crazy, and for a reasonable price! This will also get those creative juices flowing and see how much of a visionary fashionista you are.

Spooky Date #6 - Spooky Photo Op

It has been trendy to take pictures with jack-o-lanterns on people's heads and dress up as a ghost with just a white bed sheet and a fun accessory.

Create fun Halloween memories with whomever you're with, take fun pictures of yourself with spooky backgrounds, or show off your awesome homemade costumes!

Spooky Date #7 - Visit your local Spirit of Halloween

Visiting your local spirit of Halloween has to be one of the easiest and fun dates to go on! You can look for fun costumes or accessories for your costumes, window shop what they have, or search for a special touch for your haunted house.

All you have to do is get in your car and drive!

Spooky Date #8 - Visit Haunted Locations

Going on an adventure to find local spooky places can bring you the adrenaline rush you might want to experience for Halloween. Looking up sites by you on youtube or google can help you get started.

Be advised to respect private property and BE SAFE! You don't want to be the reason why a location is haunted.

Spooky Date #9 - Spooky Picnic

You can use the special culinary skills that you used while making spooky desserts to create a spooky picnic for your date. You can also pick up your favorite restaurant and eat it with different Halloween aesthetics.

If you want to make this even more spooky, take your picnic to a cemetery (obviously, be respectful). Or check to see if you can have your picnic and a movie at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Spooky Date #10 - Visit local scary mazes

Lastly, you can look up if there are any scary mazes in your community. I know that locals like to make haunted mazes in their homes, some churches have spooky mazes, or community programs create scary mazes for fundraisers.

You can enjoy your Halloween while also giving back!

Have a fun and safe Halloween friends <3


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