AVID. Is it for me?

Before high school, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a class called AVID. I never imagined a community of teachers, tutors, and students who shared the same goal, to help high school students get to college.

My dad was the one who heard about the AVID program from a teacher who was awaiting me for my freshman year of high school even though I was going to move across the state to start a new high school.

When I went to apply for my first semester of high school classes, my dad immediately declared to the counselor that he must place me into one of their AVID classes. I didn't want to join a college preparation class; I wanted to fill that class period with a fun elective class to earn an easy grade.

Luckily for me, I was placed into an AVID class without being interviewed. During that time, I was a 13-year-old who didn't even think of going to college in mind. I was too nervous to start high school at a brand new school in a brand new city (to me).

Like a basic high schooler, I was annoyed at the amount of work I had to do for the class. I had to keep a planner to keep track of all my homework; I had to keep at least three pairs of Cornell notes for each class, have tutorial papers ready at the beginning of class each Tuesday and Thursday, and binder checks every Friday!

Don't even get me started on how every other Friday, I had to give a piece of paper to each teacher to write down my grade for the class and then sign it. Plus, we had to keep AVID in our schedules until we graduated, so I had no fun elective classes until I was a senior.

I had one of the strictest teachers that I've ever had for that class. She was so punctual, organized, and rigid.

I never had a teacher that I admired so much. She truly made me a better person even though she was all of those things. She was the only teacher I've had in my whole life that actually gave a true fuck about me.

I will write about her again in another blog.

Even though it was a big headache, this class made me a better student; it also gave me amazing experiences that I probably would have never go through if I wasn't in that class. AVID also gave me a lot of opportunities to flourish and become a better student candidate.

Throughout high school, my AVID teacher set up field trips with money we would work hard to fundraise (the school never spent money on us). She took us to explore colleges and universities in our area and fun events to blow off steam like Knott's Berry Farm and basketball games.

The greatest experience was our Junior Trip. This trip took us to the biggest universities in Northern California. It truly inspired me to apply to Universities I wouldn't have dreamt of before. My top 3 favorite Universities that we went to were UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Cal State San Jose. (I actually got accepted to San Jose).

This class also helped me apply to scholarships, FAFSA, and college. AVID also helped me participate in school events and community events.

As a junior at Cal State Fullerton, I look back on how I was before this class. I started as an unmotivated, shy, rebellious teenager. And I graduated a motivated, passionate, ready for the world student. My experience might differ from others in the program, but I honestly don't know who I might have been without it.

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